About QQKit
For the past 20 years, our core business has always revolved around recycling and optimizing the usage of recycled materials. 10 years ago, under the brand QQKit we launched our product paper cat litter which has increased the worthiness of recycled material more than ever. In 2017 we release another eco-friendly, and revolutionary product—clump wood cat litter, which is made from surplus wood. 
  If you were amazed by how paper litter is lighter than any litter available in the market. You will be stunned to see how wood litter is even lighter than paper litter while keeping the features and functionality of any cat litter. This is not just a recycle business nor reuse program, but to revolutionize how recycled materials are appraised.
  Protecting our environment is not hard when you think about it. It is however, easier said than done. Thus, our QQKit products offer an easy way to fulfill your ideology in staying green.