QQKit Paper Cat Litter

→100% recycled materials.

→White litter to spot soiled areas.

→Lightweight. 75% lighter than traditional clay litter.

→Copper Ion odor control. No chemical fragrance.

→Flushable & Septic Safe.

→Clumping type

→Non-tracking & Dust-free.

QQKit’s raw material is recycled pulp from the scraps of paper mills
No. Instead of using chemical fragrance to cover odors, we add Copper Ion, the principle of physical deodorization, to achieve odor-lock.
Copper ion odor control. Copper ions can decompose bacteria and prevent the odor generated when bacteria decompose excrement. On top of that, Green tea leaves, coffee ground and activated charcoal are used to enhance the deodorizing effect.
QQKit Paper Cat Litter uses 100% plant-based recycled materials. It makes not only the disposal but also the production environmentally friendly.
Instead of recycled newspaper, which heavy metal substance may remain due to the ink, QQKit Paper Cat Litter is made from recycled pulp from the scraps of paper mills. It contains zero harmful chemicals; forms clump tightly, has strong water absorption, and effectively absorbs odors.
Yes. Since QQKit Paper Cat Litter is made from paper, it has highly absorbent and absorbs water like a sponge.
Yes. All series of QQKit Paper Cat Litter form clumps tightly for easy scooping.
There are five formulas in total. Unscented, Activated charcoal, Coffee, Green tea leaves, and Turns blue formulas.
All formulas have copper ions added to achieve odor-lock and antibacterial effects. Green tea leaves, coffee ground and activated charcoal formulas are used to enhance the deodorizing effect.
Turns Blue formula turns blue when soiled so that you can easily spot the urine spots and know exactly where to clean.


Maximum of 2-3 clumps each time. If the pipeline is old or when discarding large quantities, we recommend throwing it in the trash can.
A 7L QQKit Paper Cat Litter can last for 3-4 weeks. However, it varies according to the litter box size, cat size, how many cats you have, and the water they intake.
Paper cat litter has excellent water absorption, whether it is unopened or poured into a litter box. We recommended putting it in a dry environment. It can avoid paper litter absorbing moisture in the air and affecting the effect of clumping and water absorption.
No. Since QQKit Paper Cat Litter form clumps tightly, all you have to do is scoop and flush.
QQKit Paper Cat Litter is produced by Environmental Home in Japan.


Most Tofu Litters add calcium carbonate to increase water absorption, which is also the culprit of dust. It increases Litter's weight and is often precipitated in the bottom of the septic tank when flushing through the toilet.
Tofu Litter is brittle and easy to be crushed, which leads to a lot of mess at the bottom of the litter box.
Tofu Litter is made from bean dregs. It causes tofu litter to attract bugs easily. Moreover, using bean dregs as cat litter under the issue of the food crisis is something worth thinking about deeply.
Paper is made from plant materials and plant materials are fully biodegradable and compostable.
Yes. Especially QQKit Paper Cat Litter does not pursue to form clumps as tight as a stone, which facilitates its rapid decomposition in water.