QQKit Clumping Wood Litter 7L/bag

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The forest plays an important role in our environment. When managing our forests, there is an important process called "thinning", which is a selective process of removing trees in order to improve the growth rate or health of the remaining ones.
Proper thinning can reduce overcrowding and relieve tree stress. This helps maintain the health and vigour of our forests. QQKit's wood litter are made from the wood generated from the "thinning" process.

1.Light weight

QQKit clumping wood litter is super light, weighs only 1/5 of the regular sand litter. Each bag weighs about 1.4kg/7L with a size of around 300mm x 400mm, and 50mm in depth.
2.Odor control, anti-bacterial,dust free
QQKit clumping wood litter is made from Japanese cedar wood, forms into pellets that are around 4mm in diameter and is dust free. lt also carries a cedar wood smell that serves to control odor and is anti-bacterial .

3.Highly absorbent
QQKit clumping wood litter is made from pure cedar wood, allowing it to be highly absorbent and with less consumption.
QQKit wood litter quickly clumps after absorbing liquid, making it easy to clean up by scooping and disposing just the clumped pellets.
Can be flushed reasonably or disposed as combustible waste.